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  • Je vis Denmark
  • Je suis né(e) le 18 mai
  • Je suis University student
  • Je suis a woman
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  • Hi MerrianMay ^^

    Before all, many many many thanks to Sanamia and you for your help and contribution to our new French translation of the Legacy of the Dragonborn wiki ;)

    We've seen that you adjust picture names of some of the pages, can you keep them in english ? We'll import from your database the images and keep their name in english for a better compatibility and updating. We'll only translate the page names/links/texts.

    We're actualy searching for your main page right-column infobox template to add them correctly in our main page ( little bit creepy on the french wiki version isn't it ? :D ). We're also thinking about an infobox with your blog news up-to-date on our main-page, to give french users fresh news about records and advancements. Can you help us with a better wiki experience to create a template for ?

    Thanks in advance ;)

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    • And code assembled.

      For the main-page side boxes go here: Utilisateur:Sanamia/common.css copy it over to: MediaWiki:Common.css

      the news template: {{Wikiportal:Community/News}} uses the News category to add new posts. You can make more categories or different news boxes by making new ones or adding the categories in there. Takes a few minutes after a blogpost is created for it to appear.

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    • Alright, I'll continue uploading images in a bulk. Let me know if it will be too much of a hassle with the bot.

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  • Bonjour, je suis administrateur de la communauté Wiki Héritage de l'enfant de Dragon. Bienvenue et merci pour votre contribution à Utilisateur:MerrianMay !

    Si vous avez besoin d'aide pour vous lancer, consultez nos pages d'aide. Vous pouvez également me contacter ou contacter un autre administrateur de la communauté. Pour obtenir de l'aide d'ordre général, rendez-vous sur la page du Centre des communautés, d'où vous pourrez explorer les forums et les blogs.

    Passez un bon moment sur Wiki Héritage de l'enfant de Dragon !

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