Main Quest progression in Legacy of the Dragon is tied in to your display count. Some quests require additionally completing previous quests. Display count can be checked at the Entrance on the left side.

Minor quests are triggered through finding certain items or reaching a certain point ingame.

Legacy of the Dragonborn Quests

Adding to the Collection

If you place enough items at once to receive two rewards, you'll need to wait 24 hours to receive the next one.

Display Count Reward
25 Skullcrusher
50 Thornblade. Additionally a messenger will bring you a letter from Auryen and a key to the secret safehouse. The first patron (Jerrin) starts visiting the museum. Collection box is added to the entranceway of the museum, random gold is added daily by the patrons.
70 Auryen will send you to Elsweyr to recover the Staff of Indarys, beginning The Moonpath to Elsweyr's quest content.
75 Rewarded Cleaver of St. Felms
100 Eleidon's Ward, Second Patron (Malakai) starts attending the museum daily. Auryen will have the topic “I have too much stuff” available which will prompt him to offer to sell off items from your sell cart in the safe house.
125 Gravedigger
150 Scourge. Final patrons (Lorna and her son Henry) start attending the museum.
175 Stendarr's Hammer. Avram Shazir arrives as the museum guard.
200 Trueflame
225 Staff of Hasedoki
250 Hopesfire. Speak with Auryen about what is new and he will propose starting the explorer’s guild.
275 Sword of Ancient Tongues. Byron Starts to wander the world looking for you to begin the Shattered Legacy Questline.
400 If the Shattered Legacy quest is completed Shadows of One's Past (museum heist) quest will begin
600 Night at the Museum - commonly referred to as the Haunted Museum. If the museum heist quest is done, the Haunted Museum Quest will be available.

Legacy's museum quests

Museum Quests

The Explorer's Society

Starting at 250 displays Auryen has the dialogue option to talk about founding the explorers guild.

Explorer's Society

Moonpath to Elsweyr

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Quest Name Description
It Belongs in a Museum At 70 displays Auryen will send you to Elsweyr to retrieve a donation of the staff of Indarys from a Khajiit named Rakis.
By the Light of the Moon
The Sweet Taste of Elsweyr
The Dinner Guest
Desert Style
Rebuilding the Past
What shall we do with the drunken sailor? ID: Anvil_skullcatdialogue, has not stages and is just a mere Dialogue quest with Skullcat.
A Gift from a Friend 5 days after the guild house is built and after Moonpath’s “Rebuilding the Past” quest is completed, Rakis will arrive and deliver an airship.

Much Ado about Snow Elves

Quest Name Description
Much Ado About Snow Elves After completing 'The Lost Expedition', a courier will come to you with a note from Calcelmo. Reading the note will start the quest.

Other Quests

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Other Quests

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The Lost Legacy of the Nine